Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sushi + Meat: Cowfish (North Carolina)

Ok I  swear - no I do - there is a restaurant in Charlotte, NC called Cowfish where they serve fusion japanese meets American meat.  No joke.  And when I was first told about this place, I got pretty excited....
Wildly popular amongst the city, this restaurant is always jammed.  We happened to get there around 5:30pm for an early dinner with the kids (we were visiting some cousins this weekend) and luckily there was no wait.  
*Big miss - we could have sat on the patio but the staff didn't tell us.  Will know to ask next time!  
For starters, I sat down and ordered a meal for the LM.  They had children's Bento boxes.  Unreal.  And cheap!!  $6 bucks.  This one was called oodles of noodles and came with a great list of sides to choose from.  LM got fries + orange slices with his meal.  The noodle King was more then satisfied...
We also put in some starters for the order of the thai chili cucumber salad, tuna tartar w/avocado and trio of fries for the big kids.  
Everything arrived at the table super fast...and was each equally delicious and packed with tons of flavor!  The cucs were a little spicy for my liking but I still loved the vinegar soaked taste that they for the tartar, heaven.  
The menu offered several pages of sushi including make your own sushi using American hamburger ingredients if you would so dare.  Yes grossed me out a bit...but so genius.  I love sushi.  But not all of my friends do.  I am thinking of one in particular right now.  This places crushes both needs by offering a creative menu with well executed food.
It was a fantastic weekend down in Charlotte visiting my hubby's cousins...and I cannot wait to go back...especially for some meat sushi.  I mean sushi + meat.

4310 Sharon Road Charlotte, NC
T:  704-365-1922
Located at the SouthPark Mall, across from the Crate & Barrel.