Sunday, April 3, 2011

Date weekend ~ mormon eatz

I'm a big fan of broadway.  But I mostly enjoy musicals.  This Saturday night my husband and I went to see the Book of Mormon on Broadway.  Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) together with one of the dudes who put together Avenue Q - this play did not disappoint.  I laughed through the entire show.  The storyline was brilliant and the content was tolerably offensive.  I was thoroughly impressed by the writing, singing and casting.  The actors in this show were outstanding.
PRE-show my hubby and I grabbed a bite for dinner at Social Eatz.  Angelo (we love Top Chef) Sosa's new restaurant up in Midtown.  I was so excited to try this place.  He's a laid back chef who likes to use a lot of flavor in his food and that's exactly what we found in the dishes we ordered.  An American menu with Asian flavors.  It was brilliant, actually.  My hubby and I shared all of the appetizers (listed in our ranked order of fave to least fave):
1.)  Crispy Spring Rolls (with home made plum sauce - omg.)
2.)  Smoked ribs
3.)  Hot wings
We also had 2 tacos:
1.)  Chili kissed tilapia
2.)  Korean beef taco
I could rave about the food all night long and I cannot wait to go back to try the rest of the dishes here.  I literally had to ask the waitress for a menu half way through our meal just so I could study it and decide what I want to order the next time I go back...
I will be honest though, and tell you a few things that I noticed.  The service was not great.  The staff seemed nervous for some reason, and they have been unable to get their liquor license (expected 4/9).   They had two large TV's which is great for watching games but they gave us a hard time about putting the College basketball games on during a march madness finals series.   This was touch and go for the people sitting next to us (we got there at 6:30 on Saturday and had to eat at the bar - they do not take reservations) who also had to send back their french fries because they were cold...
But seriously - I still want to eat here again.  The tasty and beautiful food won me over!

Social Eatz
232 E 53rd Street (between 2nd & 3rd Ave)