Thursday, March 31, 2011

You gotta dip the pretzel

My neighbor recently invited me over for a little soiree to launch a new product called Fatty Sundays & Co. (dipped pretzels).  I was excited to see the display and try these tasty treats.  Both of which were a delight!  Loved the Kelly green and pink pop colors and use of high and low platters for the bite size samples.  An adorable mother/daughter combo have come up with a delicious snack that would make a sweet thank you, hostess, or holiday gift.  I am looking forward to working with this team to deliver many goodies to loved ones this year. 
From their site - check out the flavors.  Uh, ya - I'll take a box please and thank you!


Semisweet chocolate: Amaretto/Coconut/Espresso/ Lemon/Mint/PB&J/Pistachio/Toffee/Original
Milk chocolate: Ginger/Original
Dark chocolate: Orange/Peanut/Original
White chocolate: Pina Colada/Pumpkin/Original
Yogurt: Banana/Berry Granola
For more information on pricing and ordering visit their website Fatty Sundays & Co.