Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chef Joe tonight: The curse is broken!

Chef Joe came over for a visit with LM and the use of my kitchen tonight and whipped up an incredible meal, once again.  Through the life of this blog, you will hear of Chef Joe often because that's how we roll.  He sets a menu, gives me a list of ingredients to have prepped for his arrival and then comes over and cooks for us.  Always a treat, always delicious!
Sometimes our friend Goon joins in the fun.  Unfortunately, Chef Joe was worried about the meal tonight because in the past when Goon has crashed our dinner parties Chef Joe has buckled under pressure and the meal has suffered. But not tonight!  The curse seems to be broken.  Chef Joe's meal was a home run.  On the menu:  Pan fried chicken and onions, roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and rice n' peas.  
I do apologize because I can't give you the recipes tonight.  I was feeding/bathing/putting down the LM while Chef Joe was cooking.  But I can tell you this...dinner was delish!