Sunday, March 20, 2011

March madness. Makes me hungry!

Me and the fam came back into the city early today so the hub could go and watch the Duke game with his pal.  While the boys were out, LM and I got serious in the kitchen.  Starting with some kale chips.  A friend of mine told me she made these and they were great.  So I wanted to give them a try.  I looked online for the first good sounding recipe and came across this from Smitten Kitchen: Baked Kale Chips.
They were incredibly easy to make!  I got aggrsive (which I always do with a new recipe) and used 2 bunches of kale instead of just one...NOT like my instinct and the recipe told me to do...Anyhow, they were pretty delicious.  However I did over oil + salt so they were too greasy and pungent.  Next time I'm actually going to try what my friend told me and instead of dousing them with EVOO I will spray a little bit of PAM on them so they crisp nicely.  Also, I used the curly kale which was pretty bitter.  I need to look for this "dinasour" kale and give that a try...I will however tell you this - my son, the LM...loved this ridiculously healthy snack!  As witnessed by my camera here...oh, to be a college kid reading this and looking at this picture right now.  That will be the day, haha.
For dinner I thought I'd try this new dish that one of the mom's in my mom group suggested:  Tofu fingers.  However, she suggested that they baked...which is a GREAT idea!!  But since I had 2 things going in the oven already...that was not an option for me.  So I followed the recipe to:
Tofu Fingers:
Took one package firm tofu and sliced about a finger size thick.  Dredged in egg wash (with some garlic powder) and then dipped in whole wheat bread crumbs (with some montreal steak spice and paprika sprinkled in).  I FORGOT to add (and for sure will next time) parmesan cheese into the crumbs.
Instead of baking at 350 for 20 or so minutes (till golden brown) I flat out fried these suckers.  Well obviously they were amazing.  They were like chicken fingers - but with tofu.  Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside - delicious!  In other news, LM is starting to refuse the sippy cup...and just want to dribble milk down his face...this is nice. tee hee.