Saturday, February 26, 2011

A weekend out east

This weekend we had our friends over to our house out east and spent each waking moment eating, cooking or talking about eating + cooking.
Our first evening out there together was Mexican night.  It's a pretty standard meal for us because it's pretty light and very easy to make.  Not to mention, utterly delicious!  The menu was as follows:
Pico de gallo
Jalepeno skirt steak fajitas
Corn + black bean salad

The best part of this meal is you can make it all in advance.  Here are the recipes and tips that I would suggest with each...

Pico de gallo:
* plum tomatoes (figure one per person) - squeeze the juice/seeds out and chop
* 1 small onion, diced
* handful of cilantro, chopped
* Kosher salt and pepper to season
Combine all ingredients above and let sit out so the flavors can marry at least an hour before serving.  
If you want you can make this easy dish earlier that day and let sit in the fridge covered.  

* Avocado (figure 1 for every person, which leaves some for leftovers).  SAVE THE PITS
* Juice of 1 lime
* handful of cilantro, chopped
* 2 garlic cloves, pressed
* 1 small onion, diced
* 1 small jalepneo, chopped
* Kosher salt and pepper to taste
Mash the avocado and add the rest of the ingredients to combine.  If making ahead store in the fridge WITH THE PITS from the avocado pushed in to preserve the green color.  Store covered.

Jalepeno skirt steak fajitas
* Skirt steak (figure 1/2 pound per person)
* Juice of 1 lime
* 1 jalepeno, chopped
* 2-4 garlic cloves, chopped
* Chili powder, small palmful
* 1 cup of EVOO
* Kosher salt and pepper
Combine all of the above in a plastic bag for at least 2 hours before grilling.  Store up to one day in fridge.  When ready to cook remove the meat from the fridge at least 30 minutes prior to bring to room temp and fire up the grill to cook to your liking.

Corn + black bean salad - recipe compliments of Rachael Ray.

For Saturday dinner we stepped it up a notch and broke out my hubby's good ol' Big Green Egg to do some consisted of the following -
French Onion soup
Winter Greens
BBQ smoked baby back ribs
Big Green Egg fried chicken wings
Gruyere Mac and Cheese with Tomato
The soup bombed so I won't even bother giving you the recipe and honestly this menu just didn't need it.  But the rest of the meal was pretty outstanding.  Unfortunately, my hubby was in charge of the green egg dishes so I cannot give you those recipes, the salad was thrown together BUT the Gruyere Mac and Cheese with Tomato is Barefoot Contessa's which I can happily share!