Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Treats

I spent the weekend dabbling in baking.  I don't bake very much.  I'm just not that into sweets.  I love to serve them, but not indulge in them.  Of course my guests love em.  So I'm working on perfecting. Starting with some basic chocolate (used color red to be festive) hearts in a basic mold I made about a dozen and with what was leftover, I packaged up and gave to the door men in my apartment building as a kind valentine's day gesture!
I continued to make whoopee pies, shortbread cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels.
I served a simple brunch with the most fantastic deviled eggs, fruit salad (topped with red strawberries), bagels & schmear and the goodies to boot.
Hope you had a sweet Valentine's day!  xoxo