Saturday, February 5, 2011

Practical Cook Ware: Fish's Eddy

Talk about a New York City store that I could spend hours in...Fish's Eddy. Located at 19th and Broadway, it is the perfect match for a kitchen lover.  From generic restaurant type supplies like cups, cutlery and dishes to darling cake stands, Manhattan inspired platters and patterned glassware.  The store is jam packed with very reasonably priced housewares that you can use for cooking and entertaining.  Everything is so funky and creative you can't resist picking up a few new goodies.  The staff is extremely knowledgable which I appreciated.  For example I had no idea what the sign that said "you butta believe it" meant...but I love butter and wanted to believe it.  So talk to me...

- Keep the butter nearby on the table or counter and stop worrying about putting it back in the refrigerator.  This porcelain butter keeper allows you to keep the butter out.  It prevents butter from melting and keeps it fresh.  -

Brilliant.  How often do I want soft, spreadable butter for my fresh bread, toast and/or pancakes?!
Let's see if it works...I'll keep you posted.

Tip:  Leave your lil one at home if you're heading to this store.  It's just too cramped for strollers and everything is at a breakable reach...could get pretty ugly if you have an LM like me...with sticky fingers!