Thursday, February 3, 2011

There's a man in my kitchen...

A few months ago my friend Dov asked me if I could teach him how to cook.  He wanted to learn how to make some delicious basics...and I of course was happy to help him.  
Obviously, I turned to Aunt Debi who is always full of super easy meals.  She guided us to make her famous:  Auntie Doobils Rose Chicken/Shrimp Pasta a la extraordinaire.  He was a great student and did a good job in the kitchen.  The meal was divine.  
After a test run in my kitchen, I gave him a complete check list of items he needed to buy for his home to be able to make easy meals after work, brunch on the weekends or a romantic dinner for two.  For a single guy in this situation - I thought it was best to send him to Bed Bath and Beyond.  That was of no interest to him.  So he ordered all online.
Last weekend he came to me and asked if we could try Jambalya.  Aggressive I thought.  Never made it before.  He found a recipe in the latest issue of Esquire magazine...and it couldn't have been easier.  I stocked his fridge with all of the ingredients he was going to need and left him a detailed to do list for when he got home from work (all of the prep:  washing, dicing and chopping).  When I was ready to come down and oversee the cooking process he had all of his prepared ingredients in bowls and the oven was preheated.  I was very impressed.  From start to finish he did all the work and the Jambalaya was outstanding.  A little spicy for my liking...but the rice was cooked perfectly and the meat and veggies burst with flavor.  A simple, hearty and very wintry dish that was a huge success.  I'm extremely proud of my eager student!