Monday, June 27, 2011

Cooking with Aunt D

So my Aunt D is one of the coolest ladies around town…the town of Vaughan, Ontario Canada that is.  She hosted a dinner for the fam this weekend including my mom and Boobie (aka Grandmother) who just raved about the spread she put out.  On her delectable menu...
BBQ Mexican sweet and spicy ribs
Grilled shrimp scampi

Red Chinese chicken
Rotini with ricotta, spinach, golden raisins & pine nuts
Feta & watermelon salad with fresh basil (Love the star shaped watermelons!!)
Mango crab salad in spring roll cups

Potato salad (ala Boobie F.)
Blue & red fresh berries + peach crumble
Um…yum!  So jealous I wasn't there.