Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yup.  F.   You know what I mean.  Well my sister is in town and tonight we saw the Mother F'r with the hat starring Chris Rock.  I need that hour and a half of my life back.  Ok, don't take this too literally because what do I know from good plays?  But the two people I saw it with agreed.  It was terribly boring with a slow and pointless story line.  At one point maybe 45 minutes in I turned to my sister and asked "should we play angry birds"?  Chris Rock was funny at a few different times, but not funny enough to keep me interested in this show. Shame because I do really think he's a terrific actor…
Backtrack to pre-show…
It was about 4,000 degrees outside, felt somewhat like walking through an outdoor sauna, and my sister and I were decked for Broadway.  After the brutally long winter we had it's been hard not to crave eating al fresco.  So we started with a drink at the Standard Hotel's Biergarten.  An absolute fave of mine.  We shared a cheddar and pork sausage that was so delicious I couldn't stand it.  The cheddar just oozed out while the sausage was perfectly juicy.  Though we had a ball and my sis loved this place…it was NOT the right choice for the weather and attire we were sporting.  Next time I'd suggest something like the Frying Pan which is always fun and on the water and surely much breezier.
We moved onward to meet up with a friend at the Foodparc.  A new venue that has opened in Chelsea and is quite literally like a food park.  With four different stations you can mix and match or pick just one to order from.  You walk in and feel sort of like you're in the Jetsons.  Very white, bright and technical…you need to go to a computer to place your order and then can enter your cell phone to get a text when the order is ready.  Unfortunately our phones did not buzz so we went to check on the orders ourselves and sure enough they were ready when we went in to check.  The seating is in a court yard out back and felt very much like a place where you would go for a quick work lunch.  We later found out that there was seating upstairs in the air conditioning but too little too late.
The food was actually delicious.  I ordered dumplings and chicken skewers from the Red Farm stand and both dishes were incredibly tasty.  But…not worth the trouble.  Not when we're dressed up and sweaty!  I'd say it would be more enjoyable for lunch.  OR to order in!  It's all take out anyway and they deliver!  Also to note, there is no wine served.  Beer only.  You can go upstairs (which we did after our dinner) and grab a drink from a top shelf full service bar.  There was a private party for Lil' Wayne going on so we were unable to hang on the balcony but did get to check out the rest of the bar.  Very dim lighting in this huge space that wrapped around and had several different areas for large parties.  Overall I was not a huge fan but given the circumstances I'd be willing to go back and try it again.