Saturday, May 7, 2011

A mother's day for four

My husband had a bachelor party to attend to today which consisted of go-carting and partying late into the night.  So I invited over a few fellow moms who are good pals for an afternoon of good food and chatter while the boys were out having their fun.
The brunch that I put on as a toast to us mom's consisted of...
Mimosas & Strawberry mango smoothies
Citrus salad drizzled with honey and topped with mint
Yogurt parfaits
Bacon wrapped figs stuffed with mascarpone
Scrambled eggs on crescent rolls topped with avocado
Banana muffins spread with buttercream frosting
Everything was beautiful and delicious and once again photographed by new favorite pal Scott Clark.
To see all of the stunning shots taken at brunch this afternoon click here.