Friday, May 20, 2011

Dinner in the hood

My hubby and I went to dinner with our new friends tonight:  our neighbors who live down the hall.  It was basically a first date and was without Mac & LM.  Translation:  their dog and our son (who are BFF's and hang out in the hallway once a day, at least).
It was nice to have some adult time and even nicer to try this fabulous new restaurant a few blocks from our apartment called Osteria Morini.  A traditional Italian menu with a selection of dishes that was more then enticing.  We shared a whole bunch of plates starting with a meat platter that was served with homemade garlic butter (heaven).  We also got the grilled calamari which was beyond delicious, the prosciutto and mortadella meatballs baked in tomato sauce (divine) and the stracci pasta (also a hit).  Really a great way to start off the meal.  Our main course, which we also shared amongst the table was a mixed grill of side pork, sweet sausage, lamb chop and skirt steak.  Out of this world.  Each meat was better then the next.  Well except for the pork. I actually loved it but it was insanely fatty and skeeved me out a little bit…but again, I ate it all.  HA!  
We topped the meal off with fresh strawberry and apricot gelato with whip cream.  Very refreshing after this heavy but tasty meal.
We also left with a sighting of the Counting Crow's Adam Duritz.  Doesn't float my boat but did for my pal with whom we were dining…
Overall, major props to this new joint.  It's close to the apartment, really cozy inside and the menu is out of this world.  You've gotta try it.
218 Lafayette Street (just south of Spring)