Sunday, January 23, 2011

All time favorite brunch: Prune

It’s been 10 years, and I still have the same all time favorite brunch in New York City:  Prune.  Located on 1st Street (just west of 1st Avenue), Prune is a super tiny and cute spot for the best eggs benedict you’ll ever eat.  Perfectly cooked eggs over a lightly salted cured piece of ham topped on an English muffin.  The hollandaise sauce which usually kills the dish for me one way or another, is perfectly done.  Their sauce is not too creamy or rich.  Delicious.  For me however, the best part of the meal is the rosti potatoes.  Ever been to Deny’s?  They are similar to theirs.  They are the best and truly my all time favorite whether with breakfast or served next to a steak with some sour cream and ketchup.  Um, yum.

If you’re going to venture out to Prune, go with your girlfriends and leave the kids at home.  It’s just too small and not for the wee ones of any age.  And if you happen to go after a late night…try their amazing bloody mary…it comes with a shot of beer that has cleared many of my hangovers.  Devine.

54 East 1st Street
(212) 677-6221