Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is where I want to go...

when I die.  The Food Hall in the Plaza by Todd English.   It's a food court haven.  Bravo Mr. English…Bravo!  Here's how we got there...

It had just snowed a good 12 or so inches through the night and the streets were a total mess.  But…it had also snowed the day before and LM and I hold up and stayed inside for the entire afternoon.  We had to get out and breathe some fresh air.  We just had to!  So we put on our snow boots, strapped into the Ergo and away we went.  

A friend had told me about this new food court in the Plaza hotel that she went to and loved.  A food court I thought?  So strange.  Why would I want to go there?  She told me it was a new found gem in the city.  So I had to see it to believe it…

Uptown we went.  Took the R train to 49th street (and 7th ave) and started with the shops.  My wardrobe has been feeling a little sluggish lately and so it was only fair I saw my retail therapists….J.Crew, H&M and Club Monaco.  And they all had great sales!

Once I filled my hands up with bags and had a weird sensation of my arms popping off, I figured we should head over to the Plaza for some lunch.  Very fancy for LM and I.  

The Plaza hotel is one of my favorite New York landmarks.  It’s romantic, architecturally gorgeous and full of beautiful people.  And with the park next door and the statues out front covered in very large mounds of snow – I was memorized. 

LM was soundly asleep when we walked into this very dimly lit and somewhat dark hall.  It was beautiful.  From the mahogany wood to all of the stainless kitchen stations it was very welcoming and I was excited to sit down. 
We took a good walk around the place as I studied each station:  noodles, grill, raw bar, pizza….the list goes on.  I sat down with LM and requested a high chair for when he wakes up…and started off with some dumplings while I studied the menu that was full of incredibly delicious sounding items.  When the dumplings arrived I had to eat them carefully over LM’s head to avoid dripping sauce in his hair…

Delicious.  I enjoyed a glass of Sauvignon blanc which complemented the dumplings quite well.  I could taste apple which went so nicely with the Asian flair.
I continued to nosh on some spit fire chicken crostini’s.  Don’t be fooled…these are like full pizzas and are a lot for one person!  I did some major take home here…and made for great leftovers.

I also ordered a pulled pork mac n cheese for my son to enjoy.  And when he woke up…he dove into it.

Overall a delightful experience.  And I cannot wait to go back.