Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Moon

Sounds like a trip you take before you have a baby....doesn't it?
Well guess again.  It's the sister to my favorite Hamptons Italian joint (La Parmigiana) called Baby Moon located on Montauk Highway in Westhampton.
I've driven by this place about 100 times and never considered going inside.  For no good reason.  Until this past Friday, I had dinner in the old location of Cru, now called Lotus Of Siam.  Veering off track was pretty good!  Loved their crispy chicken wings which had a sauce that that tasted just like my favorite wings that are served at Whole Foods.  At dinner, our friends told us that La Parmiagana has a sister restaurant called Baby Moon.  I looked at my hubby and our eyes lit up with excitement!
So Saturday we took a drive out to our house and dropped the LM off with his grandparents for the night so we could do some shopping and indulge in lots of good food and R&R.
Our perfect weekend meals consisted of:
Break in shopping lunch:  The Country Rotisserie
*I got the 1/4 dark chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans.  Delish.
Dinner:  At the Patio
*I got the butter lettuce wedge with blue cheese and cherry tomatoes and the pork chop with sweet mashed potatoes.  The pork is my favorite and is so good I had to have the watier get the chef to come to our table and give us the recipe.  And he did.  Stay tuned...I will be trying to make it in the coming weeks...
Breakfast:  McDonald's egg mcmuffin + a hot choclate.  Naughty.
Lunch:  Baby Moon.  And here we are...
*I had the garden salad (dressing is not the same as La Parmiagana - I'm obsessed with it there - which was the only disappointiment but still dressed with a nice vinagrette) and a mini pizza.  My husband had the veal parm sammie.  Devine.  I highly recommend it for a good Italian casual lunch or dinner!!