Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmakka Dinner

Let me start this post by introducing you to my Aunt Debi.  She is my mom's baby sis who is always chalk full of super tasty recipes that are always incredibly easy!  We exchange menus all the time.  For my annual Christmakka dinner this year I stole one of her menus and gave it a's what I made:
Miami Ribs
Jerk Chicken Thighs
Apple Pecan Coleslaw
Potato Latkes
The most popular dish was the slaw.  The crowd went wild for it!  It's a simple recipe need an ingredient that they don't sell in the states.  Or at least in NYC.  For some reason, Canada has all of these fantastic sauces, cookies, candies, etc., that I cannot find here.  The good news is...there is a site that will deliver these special items right to your doorstep!  It's called Canadian Favourites and has surely become a favorite of mine!  Here's the recipe from Aunt D if you'd like it!
1 package ready to eat coleslaw mix (found at your local grocery store)
Kraft poppyseed dressing
Kraft Coleslaw dressing (Yes both - also, this is the one I cannot find in NYC)
1 Apple (doesn't matter what kind - I usually use one that I don't like that's been sitting in the fridge for like a month). Tonight I used a Fuji Apple which wasn't old and was very good. 
1 package chopped pecans
1 handful dried cranberries
Mix all ingredients together and add dressings to coat 
(give a squirt of both.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours and enjoy!)

As for dessert...I am always inspired by the ever so talented Amy Atlas. This holiday season was bonkers for me so I cheated and picked up most of the desserts instead of making them myself.  Sometimes you just need to get a little help from the stores, ya know?!  The crowd fave was the Artisan Stuffed Cannolis.  Heavenly...
 The rest of the table included my homemade caramel apples - super easy peasy!  First prize pies, Pillsbury dough bake off cookies and some good old fashioned glass bottles of Coke.  There were no leftovers...